Sunday, February 24, 2013

Traveling for food

Yesterday was a long day spent driving. We headed up to St. Louis to visit the Global Foods Market, Whole Food store, and Trader Joe's. I have to say that shopping for food or anything in St. Louis on a Saturday is out from now on.  Too crowded!

The experience at the Global Foods Market on Lindbergh in Kirkwood was awesome.. as usual. I have never seen such diverse fruits and vegetables under one roof. It was definitely an educational experience. We went down every aisle and had a blast. I found sesame seeds which have been all but impossible to find here. An entire bag, 1 pound, for under $3.00. Tahini, which is actually a sesame seed butter was less than half the price here and the amount is double what is available in my town. Everything was economical and FRESH!

Whole Foods in Brentwood was a zoo. The staff were knowledgable and friendly, but the customers were a little rude. I know it's hard to believe but the world does not revolve around a select few. It was very difficult to navigate down the aisles with two carts side by side but the selection of wheat free, gluten free products was awesome and well labeled throughout the store. We finally found the vegetarian, vegan section of dairy free products and there was CHEESE. Mozzerella, american and pepper jack OH MY! Our son was in heaven. He was beaming with the concept of grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni with ooey gooey golden deliciousness, yeah it's a word.

After having two wonderful experiences I thought Trader Joe's in Brentwood was a slight let down, except for the wonderful employee who copied 5-6 pages of products that are vegan friendly for us. The lines were long and the people were getting restless. All in all, I came home with bags of nutritious items for the family and it wasn't a strain on the pocket book! Thanks St. Louis for having what we needed.

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