Friday, February 22, 2013

Where have all the organic farmers gone?

I have been doing a lot of research on the benefits of eating organic fruits and vegetables. Many scientific studies say that there isn't a difference between organic and non-organic produce. How can that be when fruits and veggies not labeled as organic are exposed to harmful chemicals and fertilizers during their growing process. No matter how hard or long you wash a non-organic apple most have been exposed to 20 or more chemicals before it ever reaches the grocery store.

So I did a little digging to find out where I could purchase organic fruits and veggies from a local organic farmer or organic coop in my area. According to many Missouri organic farm websites there is not ONE local organic farmer listed in my county or the other 5-7 surrounding counties. I realize that people who reside down here in southeast Missouri run a little behind the times. Something in style during any normal fashion season isn't in style here for quite some time. However, organic produce and eating good nutritious food isn't a new fangled idea that takes getting used to. My great grandparents were one county north of where I am and raised crops 100 years ago without the pesticides and chemicals used on our food now. They weren't considered "organic" farmers, it was what every small farm was doing, they were the norm.

Where have all the old time/organic farmers gone? What happened to the farmer who just wants to put out a good product for his family and local customer. We need to take a stand against big agriculture, GMO foods and pesticides. It's obvious that they are consumed with quantity and not the quality of  food. Our children deserve what our ancestors worked so hard to build in this country. They have a right to high quality food, it shouldn't be unattainable in 2013.

I believe in buying LOCAL and sustainable products if they are available to a person. For now our family will travel to bring the quality of food to our table that we deserve. Organic farmers in every other part of Missouri here we come!

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