Sunday, February 24, 2013

Traveling for food

Yesterday was a long day spent driving. We headed up to St. Louis to visit the Global Foods Market, Whole Food store, and Trader Joe's. I have to say that shopping for food or anything in St. Louis on a Saturday is out from now on.  Too crowded!

The experience at the Global Foods Market on Lindbergh in Kirkwood was awesome.. as usual. I have never seen such diverse fruits and vegetables under one roof. It was definitely an educational experience. We went down every aisle and had a blast. I found sesame seeds which have been all but impossible to find here. An entire bag, 1 pound, for under $3.00. Tahini, which is actually a sesame seed butter was less than half the price here and the amount is double what is available in my town. Everything was economical and FRESH!

Whole Foods in Brentwood was a zoo. The staff were knowledgable and friendly, but the customers were a little rude. I know it's hard to believe but the world does not revolve around a select few. It was very difficult to navigate down the aisles with two carts side by side but the selection of wheat free, gluten free products was awesome and well labeled throughout the store. We finally found the vegetarian, vegan section of dairy free products and there was CHEESE. Mozzerella, american and pepper jack OH MY! Our son was in heaven. He was beaming with the concept of grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni with ooey gooey golden deliciousness, yeah it's a word.

After having two wonderful experiences I thought Trader Joe's in Brentwood was a slight let down, except for the wonderful employee who copied 5-6 pages of products that are vegan friendly for us. The lines were long and the people were getting restless. All in all, I came home with bags of nutritious items for the family and it wasn't a strain on the pocket book! Thanks St. Louis for having what we needed.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Where have all the organic farmers gone?

I have been doing a lot of research on the benefits of eating organic fruits and vegetables. Many scientific studies say that there isn't a difference between organic and non-organic produce. How can that be when fruits and veggies not labeled as organic are exposed to harmful chemicals and fertilizers during their growing process. No matter how hard or long you wash a non-organic apple most have been exposed to 20 or more chemicals before it ever reaches the grocery store.

So I did a little digging to find out where I could purchase organic fruits and veggies from a local organic farmer or organic coop in my area. According to many Missouri organic farm websites there is not ONE local organic farmer listed in my county or the other 5-7 surrounding counties. I realize that people who reside down here in southeast Missouri run a little behind the times. Something in style during any normal fashion season isn't in style here for quite some time. However, organic produce and eating good nutritious food isn't a new fangled idea that takes getting used to. My great grandparents were one county north of where I am and raised crops 100 years ago without the pesticides and chemicals used on our food now. They weren't considered "organic" farmers, it was what every small farm was doing, they were the norm.

Where have all the old time/organic farmers gone? What happened to the farmer who just wants to put out a good product for his family and local customer. We need to take a stand against big agriculture, GMO foods and pesticides. It's obvious that they are consumed with quantity and not the quality of  food. Our children deserve what our ancestors worked so hard to build in this country. They have a right to high quality food, it shouldn't be unattainable in 2013.

I believe in buying LOCAL and sustainable products if they are available to a person. For now our family will travel to bring the quality of food to our table that we deserve. Organic farmers in every other part of Missouri here we come!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

When in doubt "veganize" it!

So I have read several books that discuss gradually taking the steps to "veganize" your home and life. However, I am not the type of person to let something linger on when I just need to take care of it. It bugs me! Having to see the enormous leather sofa I purchased this fall staring me in the face everyday is too much. It is beautiful and a soft butter color, but when I think of what it is made of it turns my stomach. Dead animal skins, gross! I put an ad on the internet and am hopefully in the process of selling it. We've barely used it or I would just give it away, or burn it. Hubby said burning it in the yard is not an option at this point. Well..... it is an option but I really don't want to explain it to the fire department.

Slowly, and I say that with a grin, we are taking the steps to introduce animal friendly products into our home as we replace furniture, clothing, house hold supplies etc. We would go bankrupt trying to do ALL of it today! I can't believe I am going to quote my grandma when she says "slowly but surely" it will get done. Glad she isn't internet savvy to see me quoting her and admitting that she's right!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What is a vegan?

So what the heck is a vegan and what do they eat?
A vegan (VEE-gun) is a person who consumes only plant foods such as vegetables, grains, legumes (beans and peas), fruits, nuts, and seeds. Vegans avoid all animal foods including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, milk, butter, and honey.

Many people adopt a vegan diet or lifestyle for different reasons. Sometimes it is literally a religious practice, people that are Buddhist or Seventh Day Adventist live as vegans for these reasons. I personally have adopted it because eating meat and other animal derived products isn't always healthy for a human body. The practice of obtaining that product that we all think we can't live without is not an option for me anymore either.  Not all vegans are preachy or judgmental of other people who don’t choose their lifestyle. Some groups have given vegans the reputation of being pushy, angry people–this is not me. Do research and then make an educated decision for yourself.  There are several medical doctors and scientific journals linking animal products and dairy consumption to heart disease and cancer. Some people will argue that there are other foods and practices that can be linked to cancer and bad health why should they become vegans. Yes, you are correct there are other bad things in the world, I choose to stay away from those unhealthy alternatives as well. If someone becomes aware of exactly where their food comes from it becomes an individual decision to keep buying those products or choose an exciting new way of living.

My 11 year old son is an animal lover and we discussed the idea of going "vegan" at length before deciding to dive in and actually do it. He asked me some very poignant questions for someone so young. I think the one that hit home for me was "Mom, now that we know how the cows, pigs and chickens are treated (that we eat) how can we go back to buying them at the grocery store and actually eating them?" Well...that's a good question. How can I keep perpetuating the cycle of paying for something that I don't agree with anymore. Doesn't that send a message to the producer of those goods that we want more at "any cost"? The answer was simple for our family, just don't do it anymore. 

Here are some informative websites about health and nutrition. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is it dinner time already?

I have found lately that due to the fact that we are eating a whole foods, plant based diet I am never really "hungry".  It's time to be figuring out what to cook for dinner and I am full from lunch. This is definitely going to take some getting used to. I guess this graph from a recently watched documentary makes a whole lot of sense now.

It really is true! Eating fast food and what my grandma calls "empty calorie foods" was always keeping me hungry and now the veggies are telling my stomach "Hey just eat to live not live to eat"! Give eating more good foods a try it's worth the health benefits!

Why is finding healthy food so hard?

Well, we were off to another grocery store yesterday. It must be a lot easier for people in a bigger city to find all of their vegan needs at one retail store. We have scoped out and know where the healthy foods are in our local big box store. Out of dozens of aisles I think the pre-packaged items that are vegan or gluten free take up about 3/4 of a aisle if we're lucky. So shopping down each aisle like we used to is now out of the question, Hallelujah!

Last night I decided to check out a local grocery store, in a torrential storm, what was I thinking? I guess you could say I am dedicated to bring home healthy food for my family or crazy for being out in that kind of weather. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of organic veggies they offered. Granted it wasn't a Whole Foods store but for where we are it's the best selection. We found several products I had been seeing in the books and internet sites, but because we are staying away from wheat and gluten as a personal choice the faux meats were out. Bummer! I really wanted to try the Boca burgers and Tofurkey sausages. They either had wheat or wheat flour.  Oh well!

So our journey continues...Today we will check out another grocery store. I do hope that going to a dozen places for "this and that" isn't going to be our weekly routine. However, if it is I know that what I put on the table and use in my home is something to be proud of no matter how hard it is to procure it!

Happy eating everyone.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm choosing a vegan lifestyle for health reasons

I don't really make new years resolutions because I always break them. However, I usually have one...lose the weight. I wasn't always overweight, as a young kid I was, as my mother says, "under weight and over tall". Things change when growing up in this fast food, over-processed junk food world. After I had my son nearly 12 years ago (wow, has it been that long?) I slowly began packing on the pounds. After having some shortness of breath and other issues it was either do this all the way or possibly not be here in a couple of years. Yeah, that's not an option.

It all started with documentaries like Vegucated, Forks over Knives and Fat, sick and nearly dead. Then a trip to the local library with a very select few copies of vegan books like, Living Vegan for Dummies, Veganist, and The Kind Diet. Then everything began to make sense. What had I been doing to myself all of the years. Then the guilt of knowing what I had been feeding my unsuspecting family was overwhelming. A person has to start somewhere and that is exactly what we have been doing.

We did eliminate meat, dairy, and (wheat (gluten) as a personal choice) immediately. It wasn't hard for my son and I, but it has been a little hard for my husband. He is trying so hard, one meal at a time!  I have been hitting the vegan recipes pretty hard this past week and making some real progress inventing some tasty dishes. I will post those recipes and pictures soon, until then you closet vegans in southeast missouri keep up the good fight. No a less violent approach would be.... keep up the good eats!

Just starting out as a new Vegan

So... After my 11 year old son and I watched the documentary "vegucated" we have begun our vegan journey. In a few short weeks we have encouraged my husband and mother to do the same. I have to say that the journey has been interesting thus far. Where we live the closest meetup for other vegetarians/vegans is 1 1/2 hours away. The health food store in our town is limited and I am learning everything from documentaries, books and the web. So far so good! Wishing for vegan friends in our area.
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