Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why is finding healthy food so hard?

Well, we were off to another grocery store yesterday. It must be a lot easier for people in a bigger city to find all of their vegan needs at one retail store. We have scoped out and know where the healthy foods are in our local big box store. Out of dozens of aisles I think the pre-packaged items that are vegan or gluten free take up about 3/4 of a aisle if we're lucky. So shopping down each aisle like we used to is now out of the question, Hallelujah!

Last night I decided to check out a local grocery store, in a torrential storm, what was I thinking? I guess you could say I am dedicated to bring home healthy food for my family or crazy for being out in that kind of weather. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of organic veggies they offered. Granted it wasn't a Whole Foods store but for where we are it's the best selection. We found several products I had been seeing in the books and internet sites, but because we are staying away from wheat and gluten as a personal choice the faux meats were out. Bummer! I really wanted to try the Boca burgers and Tofurkey sausages. They either had wheat or wheat flour.  Oh well!

So our journey continues...Today we will check out another grocery store. I do hope that going to a dozen places for "this and that" isn't going to be our weekly routine. However, if it is I know that what I put on the table and use in my home is something to be proud of no matter how hard it is to procure it!

Happy eating everyone.

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